21 Best Beaches on Costa Vicentina (from Alentejo to Algarve)

Since Sines, on the Alentejo Coast, at Cabo de Sagres, on the Algarve Coast, come and discover the best beaches on the Costa Vicentina to relax on your next summer vacation.

You can take a whole week covering approximately 130 km of the Alentejo coastline to discover its secrets. And all that coastline is compacted in the is article, by showing you the best beaches on the Costa Vicentina, from Sines to Sagres. We selected our favorites and added those beaches that promise to satisfy all tastes so that you can also find your favorite.

The Costa Vicentina is one of those rare places where the sea and the mountains come together in a perfect combination.

There is no resorts on the beach line disposing of the scenery. There are idyllic sands embroidered with lush vegetation, earth-colored dunes and rolling rocks. There are dramatic cliffs, sharp cables in the sea, wild and deserted coves. There are candlesticks and fishing villages from other times transformed into small holiday sanctuaries.

Ideal for those looking for areas of untouched nature, the Costa Vicentina is equally popular with practitioners of hiking and water sports.

There are dozens of fabulous beaches on the Costa Vicentina waiting for you.

When to visit Costa Vicentina?

In our opinion, the best time of the year to visit Costa Vicentina is between April and October. The funny thing about these coastline is that, even if the sun doesn’t shine, there is always something to do. The pleasure of hiking, good food, meditation and spiritual retreat, water sports … All these pleasures are at hand in sowing on this.

The Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina has a Mediterranean climate with strong maritime influence. Summers are mild to hot with highs between 23ºC and 29ºC, the best time of the year to enjoy the beaches. It is not surprising, therefore, that many head to the Costa Vicentina to cool off in those days of torrid heat for which the Alentejo is known. Therefore, the months of June, July, and August happen to be the most popular.

Spring and autumn are ideal for traveling Rota Vicentina , a Great Route that goes from Santiago do Cacém to Cabo de São Vicente and that is one of the best trails and walking routes in Portugal. Remember – when there are high summer temperatures and no shade at all, it can ruin your walking adventure.

With an average of 3000 hours of sunshine a year, this region is a very attractive destination for those looking for clear blue skies and sunshine all year round. It’s quite normal to see tourists in this region throughout the year, even though they in different numbers. We can guarantee from experience: that the sun has a special shine on the Alentejo Coast.

Rain is a rare thing.

Less rare are the threatening skies, with clouds charged in the morning, excellent for “perfect drama photo”. However, in photogenics nothing beats the blue sky that, normally, the afternoon always brings.

Not so rare? The wind! Apart from August and September, when even the winds seem to take a few days off, from our experience, there aren’t many more months when it doesn’t show up. They seem to have a fixed address on the Costa Vicentina. A very important detail for surf lovers is its multiple varieties. And for you, of course, when preparing your travel package. Don’t forget the cut – wind!

The 21 Best Beaches on the Costa Vicentina

The beaches that stretch between the Alentejo Coastline to Algarve southwest coast, are well known as one of the best beach destinations for summer holidays and an excellent alternative to popular and more crowded beaches in the Algarve.

From extensive beaches with fine golden sands to sublime coves embroidered by majestic cliffs, all the beaches on the Costa Vicentina promise to be bathed in crystal clear waters.

These beaches are integrated into the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, one of the most sublime natural parks of Portugal.

As they are in a protected area, the beaches of the Costa Vicentina preserve much of their original untouched beauty. Millions of years are layered on superb cliffs; rock cables, lone flours, promontories, and small rugged islets; shale of all colors and shapes to the north, and dramatic limestone sculptures to the south.

Stick your bathing suit, sunscreen and towel in the beach bag. Put your sunglasses and fashion hat on your head. Prepare the surfboard, the diving suit or the kite . Find peace and quiet on relaxing days of sightseeing in a unique place.

The list starts with 11 beaches still located on the Alentejo coastline and ends with 10 more placed in the Algarve southwest region.

1. São Torpes Beach, Sines

São Torpes has the warmest waters on the beaches of the Costa Vicentina, so it is very busy despite the industrial scene. This should – if the Sines thermoelectric plant that expels the cooling waters of the turbines in that area had the warmest water on the beaches of the Costa Vicentina, but the closure of the Sines thermoelectric plant in early 2021 put an end to tropical waters.

But the charms of São Torpes beach, put on the map by surfers, are all still there: the regular and soft waves are simply perfect for initiation into sport. Now, everyone, from their grandson to their grandfather, knows the extensive sandy São Torpes carved by Ribeira da Junqueira. And you will also want to know!

2. Praia da Samoqueira, Porto Covo

First, – your chin will fall. Then you will be able to babble that is one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen in your life. Next, you will want to know every corner of this wild beach that meanders through cliffs: caves, flours, natural pools and even a freshwater cascade ( if it is a very lucky day! )

The fault of the paradisiacal environment lies with the golden sands and a usually calm sea of emerald crystalline waters. And at low tide, natural pools are a delight for kids. However, fill the glacier and go to see in loco because there is no photo that does justice to all its attributes.

3. Praia Grande, Porto Covo

Porto Covo is a beach village, snacks, tours and peace. Much peace! If you are looking for a haven of choice, Porto Covo must be on your list. It will always be one of our favorite destinations for a city getaway . It is even our favorite retreat on the Costa Vicentina. Dare – to explore and discover the many secrets of this stretch of the Alentejo Coast that are not left by Praia Grande.

Praia Grande in Porto Covo is one of the most sought after in the Alentejo coast, which is not surprising since it is a spacious urban beach, sheltered and equipped with all infrastructures: guarded, with parking and restaurant.

Accessible by a staircase in the cliff, the white sands and the clear waters of the beach of Praia Grande delight kids and adults who enjoy summer holidays in Porto Covo. Bodyboarders and surfers also walk there.

4. Pessegueiro Island Beach, Porto Covo

All Portuguese imagine it. Rui Veloso gave – his voice, Carlos Tê the soul in words and Ilha do Pessegueiro became the mouths of the whole of Portugal. Valha – us that not everyone knows the sand that inspired the music! Thus, it remains – as a less populous stronghold.

The island, with rich flora and fauna and a ruined fort, is visitable in the summer, when fishermen walk around in their boats doing odd jobs like boatmen. If you don’t see any, ask at the restaurant.

Beyond the beach, the unique cliffs of sand under a giant stone slab that breaks and crashes, finds the proud Fort of Nossa Senhora da Queimada, longing for its defense partner, the ruined Fort of Santo Alberto on the island of Pessegueiro. The island of Pessegueiro, this one must always remain in our imaginary, mystical and “reachable”.

5. Praia do Malhão, Vila Nova de Milfontes

Two geological phenomena give Malhão beach a unique beauty. Bounded to the east by a dune cord and to the south by the Galés, rock formations that impose respect, Malhão beach is one of the most surprising beaches on the Costa Vicentina. We just don’t say about the entire Alentejo coast because Malhão has strong opponents.

It has a network of walkways that it cannot lose. They facilitate the descent through the cliff to Praia do Malhão and two more wonderful coves, one of them elected by naturists. From the viewpoints at the top of the cliff there are panoramic views that leave any visitor amazed. And to the north are meters and meters of fine sand as far as the eye can see that only stops at Praia dos Aivados, where the sand passes over rolling stones. ( No, they are not pebbles. They are really boulders! )

6. Praia das Furnas, Vila Nova de Milfontes

Awarded in the 7 Wonders of Portugal – Beaches category, Praia das Furnas seems to be pleased. And seven must have been the divinity’s desires: transparent sea, placid river, fine sand, golden dune, lush green, wild natural setting and boundless sun. He only forgot to ask for warm waters, but we forgive.

This spacious beach, where the estuary of the River Mira slows down the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, brings together the best of both worlds: tranquility and inspiration. We left the urban confusion of Vila Nova de Milfontes on the other side of the river and extended the towel to free ourselves from worries. The village is not at all frowned upon by this band: it gives a beautiful card – a postcard!

7. Almograve Beach, Almograve

The scenic beauty of Almograve beach undermines any argument against being one of the best beaches on the Costa Vicentina. This is where the Costa Vicentina dune cord is most surprising. In addition to being large in size, it is great in beauty, variety of forms, geological phenomena, fauna and flora. Aficionados of birdwatching , put Almograve beach on your list.

Large is also the beach of fine sand that convinces anyone to work for bronze. If you are a hiking lover, explore further to impress friends with your discoveries. Aventure – se by the dirt road, dazzle – if with the dune cord where it is wider and pasme – if with the scenic beauty of the Port of Lapa das Pombas and its secret beach.

8. Praia do Cavaleiro, Cavaleiro

Praia do Cavaleiro is one of the wildest and most secret beaches on the Costa Vicentina. It is not easy to find, but the good things are like this: difficult to find! The difficulty starts with the GPS that changes our turns, then comes the gymkhana on the dirt road, and finally the challenge of not being taken by vertigo down the stairs of the cliff.

However, the effort is rewarded with a landscape of praising the skies. Cabo Sardão is next door and the views from the top of the cliff are breathtaking. A beach protected by cliffs that defy the elements, wild and unknown enough to find ourselves elected in the world. It seems that nature has built a fortress to protect the cove. It is to spread the towel and forget that the world exists. At Cavaleiro beach this is easy.

9. Zambujeira do Mar

Good beach, good snack. Any resemblance to a well-known slogan from all of us who appreciate the pleasures of life is purposeful. The fame of the beach at Zambujeira do Mar has already crossed borders. Among the beaches of the Costa Vicentina this is probably the most photographed of such a photogenic that it is.

Ravenged by the high cliff that surrounds it, the panoramic views where urban and nature marry so well, are categorically the best we have on the Alentejo Coast. Shall we go diving?

As for the good snack, follow your sense of smell. The only thing that may be missing here is time ( and money ) to taste delicacies to make salivate just by hearing the name. For fish, Pizzeria Piccolino has an appealing and fair menu.

10. Praia do Carvalhal, São Teotónio

It speaks – if from Praia do Carvalhal and everyone thinks of Comporta. And thankfully. Thus, the beach of Carvalhal, the south, will keep its atmosphere of intimate and relaxing beach intact, with which it greets all who visit it, without discrimination. He delighted us at the first meeting and we know that @ will delight you. –

Very good access, parking and beach. With fewer rocks in the water, the invitation to dive is immediate. The shallow waters also help. It has a restaurant with the basics ( but at luxury prices ). How to find the door open is not a spinning thing, go for us: go ahead with the glacier straight.

11. Praia da Amália, Brejão

One of the greatest secrets of Costa Vicentina beaches. Amália beach, in Brejão, was the beach where Amália Rodrigues liked to see, feel and enjoy the sea. He even bought a farm there with direct access.

Expect the unexpected because everything in these short hundreds of sands seems to be the fruit of the imagination. Our Alentejo version of Alice in Wonderland . To get there just on foot, by a narrow path covered with thick vegetation and reeds. Covered is not an understatement, it is literal.

There are passages in which we have to cross a plant tunnel. Next to us runs Ribeira das Cobras ( the name is not the fruit of the imagination ). At the end of the trail, a green valley through huge shale fragments, a shale house in ruins that immediately makes us dream of a hermit life, the humming of the stream running faster and faster until it crashes directly on the beach. Wonderland: courtesy of mother Nature!

12. Odeceixe Beach, Odeceixe

When a Coast gathers three of the beaches chosen as 7 Wonders of Portugal , it has to be all of her a wonder. Odeceixe joins – the trio of elected as winner in the category of Praia de Arribas. And as soon as you have the first glimpse, we understand why. To the north stands – is one of the most beautiful and imposing cliffs in the entire Costa Vicentina.

Placed between Alentejo and Algarve. When you want to escape the big city, on those days when you are chaotic, escape to Odeceixe beach. The huge sand dune has room for everyone and pleases every taste. On one side, the placid waters of the serpentine Ribeira de Seixe are chosen by parents, children and grandparents. On the other, the waves of an agitated blue sea are ideal for surfers. In any case, Odeceixe beach is an authentic anti – stress.

13. Praia da Carreagem, Rogil

Surreal! Please don’t forget to breathe when you see Praia da Carreagem. A few kilometers from Rogil, a typical village in the region, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Vicentina. Access by dirt road, parking and access staircase to the beach at the bottom of the cliff are in good condition.

It is a well-kept secret. We do not complain about being so unknown because the fewer people, the more this wild beach is preserved. You hardly see it from the top of the cliff that seems to want to keep that piece of sea untouched. Each step of the descent is a surprise. It accompanies – us with lush vegetation, incredibly alive. The rock formations here are unique and unrepeatable. The scenario embraces – us with caress. Wrap – if positive energy in the idyllic setting of this intimate beach. Breathe in! Exhale!

14. Praia da Amoreira, Aljezur

We arrived in Aljezur, a village in that Algarve half – Alentejo, and we are going to meet the “deserted” beaches of the Algarve. The first of the elected is Praia da Amoreira. Ribeira de Aljezur comes here to flow, very against the cliff that protects it to the south, leaving the vast sandy beach protected by a dune extending – to the north.

For baths, take the access to the north towards Paraíso do Mar – would be a good nickname for the beach, but it is actually the name of the restaurant that serves it. There is more than enough space for the whole family to set up the staminé. From the views, follow the directions to Praia da Amoreira through the south access, to Taberna do Gabriel II.

Ideal for Kitesurfers and windsurfers, Amoreira waves might be the challenge these water sports fans might be looking for.

15. Monte Clérigo Beach, Aljezur

Sand, sand and more sand. The sand is so much in Praia do Monte Clérigo that it is necessary to “sweep” the road to pass. The white houses fishing village and brightly colored doors are delicious. It has a chaste air that is confirmed to walk through the alleys.

If you are on a diet, avoid it at meal times as the odor of grilled fish makes any defender of the line succumb. And if you want to start – you on surfing, Monte Clérigo is for you. There are good surf schools here to help you challenge your first waves.

16. Praia da Arrifana, Aljezur

The further south the better spots to catch waves and those from Arrifana marry well with a surfboard. This must be the best surfer beach on the Costa Vicentina, the most frequented and the most famous beyond – borders.

You may have noticed that this is the Costa Vicentina of the “good wave”. A good inclusive wave because even those who only come for the sea and sunbathing, takes place in Arrifana. Even if the high tide almost forces people to bazaar, no one bothers to change the landing, give up a little space or even climb onto the rolling rocks. Speaking of which, it is already prevented that it takes hard sole to enter the beach.

The village is here at the top of the cliff, which has incredible panoramic views of the beach in the background, protected from the winds. Down all the saints help, but upwards, courage is needed!

17. Praia da Bordeira, Bordeira

Bordeira must be – unfamiliar to you. Carrapateira must ring the bells. Pontal da Carrapateira is one of the most scenic areas on the Costa Vicentina. It brings together a series of geological phenomena and has a variety of flora and fauna worthy of a wildlife episode narrated by David Attenborough.

One of the most brilliant precious stones in this treasure is Bordeira beach. Space is not lacking, even in the most popular of days. The dune of fine sand that forms the beach of Bordeira is so big that as soon as we step on it we have the feeling of walking through the desert of the Sahara … of the Algarve.

The wind and sea and river water conditions are very attractive for water sports practitioners. At sea there are waves to exhibit dexterity in maneuvers worthy of applause. And the wide Ribeira da Bordeira comes to the beach, not without first generously offering its waters to beginners of kitesurf .

18. Praia do Amado, Bordeira

This one might give you that “Wow !!!” reaction. In this red land, amid cliffs and cliffs, and extraordinary vegetation, these golden sands bathed in crystal clear water, now blue, now emerald, form a sock – moon that seems cut out of a dream destination.

You just arrived at a paradise beach (Although the water temperature immediately raises doubts. ) We still cannot find out what its best angle is, because the photogeny that characterizes it does not fail in any of its corners.

The breeze that blows from the sea or one of the world surfing championships spots put Amado beach on the lists of the best beaches on the Costa Vicentina.

19. Praia da Cordoama, Vila do Bispo

The wide kilometers of wild, wild landscape continue, tested by the strong winds characteristic of the Costa Vicentina. The good sands and cliffs also continue for those seeking tranquility and peace on the beaches of the Costa Vicentina.

Few venture into these bands as services are scarce, non-existent or very distant. The sea is rough, treacherous and has respect. So, if you want a beach for sea bathing, don’t point to Vila do Bispo. If you have an aversion to crowds, just want sunbathing and wetting your foot, then don’t hesitate to choose.

At Praia da Cordoama violent wind and rough sea joined efforts and created a coastal zone of the most beautiful and dramatic. The high and always chained waves give you – majesty. Do not worry. Isolated but with guaranteed minimum services during the bathing season. For the rest of the year, it is a perfect refuge from civilizational chaos, whether you feel like walking with your feet buried in the sand of the beach, or want to climb the cliffs with magnificent views from the top, where you feel free.

20. Praia do Castelejo, Vila do Bispo

Castelejo beach, is for many, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Vicentina.

Approaching Praia do Castelejo makes your heart slow down. The earth suddenly changes. From the warm colors of the red earth to dark ocher, as if we stepped on burnt earth. We feel – we are so far from the world that we immediately forget the unbridled pace of the city that made us flee here. The panting life is behind the back.

In front of us it shows – if an angry, rough sea. His voice cries out to threaten every wave. Dominant. Fierce. But this does not remove surfers and bodyboard de encará – lo. Whoever has no board, serene the mind and spirit to the sound of the rhythmic cadence of its waves.

21. Sagres beaches

It is difficult to individualize the beaches of Sagres as they are all good for disconnecting from life’s concerns.

Sagres brings together the largest number of beaches of choice for surfers, kitesurf , windsurf . With the ideal conditions for the practice of these sports, this area of the Costa Vicentina has become – a mecca of boards and neoprene suits, hair golden by the sun and a vibe very relaxed. Ah! And it has all the services you need.

We highlight Martinhal Beach , embellished by the Martinhal Islets, a Praia da Mareta even in the “center” of Sagres and Tonel Beach . Whoever seeks the pleasures of taste, will also be satisfied, and finds some of the best houses with sea views served on the tray.

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