The 34 Best Beaches in the Algarve

Discovering Algarve’s best beaches is quite a challenge! Even for a local like me, trying to filter among so many unique beaches is really difficult. But making these types of lists is a useful resource for everyone that visits the Algarve, especially for first-timers. There are different types of beaches on the list, so I’m … Read more

Pego do Inferno Waterfall

The Pego do Inferno Waterfall, around Tavira is the largest waterfall on a set of three waterfalls in the Asseca stream (the other two being the Peasant Waterfall and the Torre Waterfall) Although the Pego do Inferno Waterfall is only 3 meters high, it still impresses. And if we add to it the beautiful lake … Read more

What to Visit in Alqueva

The Alqueva region is located less than 50 km from Évora. The construction of the Alqueva dam, at the beginning of this millennium, gave rise to the largest artificial lake in all of Western Europe, at about 250 km ², completely changing the landscape, ecosystem, and routines of those who lived here. I have to … Read more

Visit Loulé, Algarve: One day itinerary

Visiting Loulé is rarely on the priorities of the “must – visit” lists for those who are in the Algarve. But there are reasons to visit it: its medieval historic center, the archaeological, architectural, and cultural source of Arab influence in the region, and the busy streets full of character and personality. Loulé is a … Read more

Visit Lagos, Algarve

If I had to describe Lagos in just a few words: historical, cultural, carefree, and lively. Join me in discovering this pearl of the Algarve, with this guide made by a local. Lagos has a myriad of things to offer its visitors, especially for those looking for a destination that combines history and summer perfectly. … Read more

Visit Albufeira – What Do and See

Albufeira needs no introduction: it is the beach vacation destination of the Algarve. There are thousands of people visiting Albufeira and the city becomes an authentic mecca for sunbathing and sea (where there is no shortage of beaches to extend the towel and tanning), of the party without limits, and nightlife crazy. In this article, … Read more

Visit Faro – What to Do and See

Insufficiently appreciated, few consider visiting Faro on a holiday trip to the Algarve except for passing by. The capital of the Algarve, the most coveted bathing destination in the south of Portugal, has much more to offer. It has more than enough historical, natural, and cultural heritage to put it at the top of the … Read more