Benagil Cave, have you heard? We bet you have seen this photograph of the Benagil Cave in several places and you wonder why. Know that the reason is because the Benagil Cave is really one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. The coast of the western Algarve is especially fertile in algares, vertical caves, and the Benagil algar is one of its most beautiful. That is why on a trip through the Algarve it is mandatory to visit the Benagil cave.

VISIT OLHÃO (and FUZETA) – 22 Things to Do!

Visiting Olhão and Praia da Fuzeta is our favorite program when we go to the Algarve. It’s because? Because Olhão and Fuzeta are the traditional Algarve and have some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Olhão is a winning bet and Fuzeta too. We will show you why you should visit Olhão. We particularly like the still traditional environment of the village of Olhão, with a wonderful atmosphere. In addition, the beaches of Fuzeta and Olhão are our favorite corner on the Ria Formosa and one of our favorite places in the Algarve. It is for all this that it is worth visiting Olhão and Praia da Fuzeta.

TRAIL Varandas sobre o Mar

The Balconies Trail over the Sea is one of the most beautiful trails to take those eye-catching photographs of the cliffs on the Algarve coast. The Trilho das Varandas sobre o Mar is wonderful and is an excellent program for half a day, very close to Praia da Rocha.


The Culatra Island to the Lighthouse Trail is an excellent program to enjoy a day at the beach in the Algarve and Olhão. For those who like to walk on the beach, visiting the island of Culatra and taking a trail is mandatory in the Algarve.


Visiting the Ria Formosa can be one of the best experiences for those who want to know and travel in the Algarve. There are hundreds of experiences to do in Ria Formosa, many things to see and do and, especially, to taste in Ria Formosa. This corner of Portugal, the Ria Formosa, still so characteristic despite the growing urban pressure, remains full of charms.