8 days in Swedish Lapland


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Trip to Swedish Lapland: the northern lights, the dogsledding and the amazing landscapes will make you love winter.

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Film: 8 days in Swedish Lapland

In November 2015, my friend Titi and I went to Copenhagen for a weekend. Right after, we took a train to Abisko, one of the most Northern towns of Sweden. Known for its free of light pollution National Park, the spot is ideal for aurora borealis observation.

View from the train to Abisko

View from the train to Abisko

As soon as we arrived at Abisko train station, we had the feeling we were at the other end of the planet (probably because of the 24h spent in the train, but still…). The surrounding landscapes looked amazing and it was not as cold as we expected, not yet at least.

Abisko train station, complete change of scenery

Abisko train station, complete change of scenery

We had come to chase the Northern Lights, and well… I must say it was pretty successful!  The picture below is nothing compared to the experience of seeing multicolorloured lights dancing over your head.

An aurora borealis and its reflection on Torneträsk lake, Abisko

An aurora borealis and its reflection on Torneträsk lake, Abisko

Concerning the free activities, you have the Northern lights observation of course, which can be time consuming. You can also go for a walk. The visual experience will be more than enough to entertain yourself, trust me. The view on the Abiskojåkka canyon is truely breathtaking.

Sunset over Abiskojåkka  canyon

Sunset over Abiskojåkka canyon

After the 3 days we spent in Abisko, we decided to head to Kiruna (1 hour away by train). There was not enough snow for dogsledding in Abisko yet and we really wanted to try it. Kiruna is known to be less dry and to have more snow than Abisko. It is also a real city with shops, cinemas, bars and a bowling center… So it’s a perfect destination for those who want to discover Lapland without getting too far away from “modern civilisation”.

Titi ready for some crazy dogsledding

Titi ready for some crazy dogsledding

How to get to Swedish Lapland

We took a train to get there (from Copenhagen with a change in Stockholm) and the plane to get back to Stockholm.

By train:

From Stockholm, it is possible to catch a train to Abisko/Kiruna with SJ. The trip lasts about 18/19 hours. It might seem long long but it’s really worth it! The landscapes are amazing and you can sleep in the train. Nice opportunity for some board games.
We had paid approximately €85 per person but the price incuded the trip from Copenhagen to Stockholm and it can change a lot depending on the time of year.

By plane:

Plane can be a good solution as well. It is sometimes cheaper and always faster of course (1,5 hour from Stockholm).
The airport is 15 minutes away from Kiruna city center and you can find very interesting prices with SAS, especially if you’re under 26 years old. However, you’ll need to take a train for 1 hour to get to Abisko (which you definitely should!). There was only 2 or 3 per day when we were there so make sure you check the timetables!