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Top Reasons to Visit Georgia

Is Georgia worth visiting?

As a tourist local guide and a contributor in some blogs and travel forums related to Georgia, I’m often asked this question.

So I’ve decided to list the main reasons why you should consider Georgia as your next destination.


by Anahit Sargsyan

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In whichever season you might be visiting Georgia, and whether you’re looking for adventure, culture, history, or relaxation, there’s something there for everyone.

There are many reasons to visit Georgia, but hopefully, some of the reasons pointed below will help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Top Reasons to Visit Georgia

1. It’s an Overal Nature Destination

Like any mountainous country, Georgia is a great destination for hiking fans.

But for those who are afraid of the altitude, there are also very nice walks around Batumi. Or some of the wildest beaches of the Black Sea.

And as I know that nature lovers often like to be quiet, you should know that the population density is 57 inhabitants per km² (against 240 in Germany, or 119 in France) so we are not too disturbed.

2. Its Gastronomy

The Georgian gastronomy indeed has nothing to envy of some of the most famous European gastronomies like Italy or France.

They have one of the oldest wine cultures and their ancestral technique of winemaking in amphorae called Kvevri or Qvevri (also known as Tchuri in the western part of the country) is a UNESCO world heritage. What about tomatoes? Perhaps some of the best you will try in your life.

And between the khinkalis, the khachapuri, the lobiani, the sinori… Let’s just say that there is something to delight the big eaters, and also all those who only eat dishes ending with i, incidentally.

3. Plenty of History to Be Discovered

Georgia, a country at the crossroads of the East and the West has been occupied/influenced by many Empires (Persia, Greeks, Ottomans, Russians…). So there are a lot of fascinating places historically. But it does not stop there.

Georgia is also a very interesting country on the prehistoric level. For example, we can talk about the fossils found in 2002 in Dmanisi and which demonstrated the existence of Homo erectus georgicus, the first European hominid.

Georgia is also the country of the golden fleece and one of the first Christian countries.

So for the history passionates, there is surely something to dig for!

4. Georgian Landscapes Are Very Diversified (and Stunning!)

Whether you go for a few days, weeks, or up to a month to Georgia, you will be able to see different (and surprising) types of landscapes. Stunning panoramas that go from snow-covered mountains (even in the beginning of Summer it could be possible), green plains, subtropical vegetation at the Black Sea’s edge…and in the other extreme, there are semi-arid landscapes in the South-East.

In short, Georgia offers a variety of landscapes that will surprise every of its visitors!

Stunning Georgian Landscapes

5. Georgian Monuments Are Very Photogenic

Amazing photogenic monuments are perfect for your photos and videos. There are plenty of monasteries and other man-made types of monuments that in conjunction with their surrounding landscapes, are some of the best panoramas you will see in your lifetime.

6. Churches Are Magical. With Breathtaking Surroundings

If I had to choose a symbol for this country, it would probably be a church. I have rarely seen so many beautiful monasteries in other countries I’ve visited. Moreover, some of such monuments are located in beautiful places making a perfect combination.

7. Singular Traditions and Culture

Despite the many countries or empires that have influenced or even occupied Georgia, there is a very strong identity. This identity lies in its folklore and traditions. The traditional songs and dances are not to be missed!

8. Its Modern Cities

Well, let’s not lie, Georgia is still a rather rural country (43% of its inhabitants live in the countryside). And some cities do not give the impression of a country at the cutting edge of modernity.

However, if you like bustling cities, with modern and daring buildings, you will easily find your happiness in Tbilisi and Batumi.

So, Why Visit Georgia? Is Georgia Worth Going?

Even though that things are changing in recent years, unfortunately, when most think of a tourist destination, Georgia isn’t still at top of their list and yet the country has a lot to offer.

I might be biased, but I truly think it is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. As a tourist guide for the Caucasus region myself, I’m still fascinated by Georgia every time I’m there and really proud of what the country has to offer.

What Are Some Good Reasons to Go to Georgia?

If to summarize, there are plenty of reasons to travel to this beautiful country:

  • You can find magical and fascinating places where you can enjoy extreme sports or quiet walks.
  • Discover a spectacular cross of cultures, by visiting many monasteries, fortified churches, castles, and ancient ruins.
  • Be surprised by the warmth and hospitality of its people.
  • Taste exquisite gastronomy.
  • Climbing peaks of four thousand meters or strolling through its vast and amazing forests and natural parks.
  • Visit Tbilisi, one of the oldest cities in the world.
  • Enjoy the wildest beaches of the Black Sea.

But most of all, Georgia offers you the possibility to easily get into its culture and get to know the way of life of its people. As soon as you leave the capital you will find it very easy to discover very hospitable people and a way of life little influenced by the globalized world.

Do not try to cover the whole country in one week because although the country is very small, you will not have time to see everything well and you will not enjoy it.

The ideal is 2 weeks to be able to do a trekking in the Caucasus.


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