Must Visit Alentejo Villages: discover the most beautiful villages in Alentejo

Here are some of the most beautiful villages in Alentejo that you have to visit because Alentejo is always a good idea for a weekend getaway in Portugal

On the plain or the mount, in the quiet of the interior or two steps from the beach, o Alentejo guard of the most beautiful villages that are the materialization of the dream vacation destination. After all, we think of the Alentejo and immediately associate it with the stillness of rest. The ingredients are all there: golden sun and starry nights, landscapes as far as the eye can see and hills covered with cork oaks, fresh and saltwater beaches, historical heritage and cultural identity, living traditions and people of good treatment, delicious gastronomy and divine wines …

If life discharges your batteries and needs energy, look at this Alentejo, which is an open invitation to simple pleasures and to know authentic roots. In this article, we bring together some of the most beautiful villages in Alentejo ( our favorites, the most popular, and the illustrious strangers ) who have everything to enjoy a memorable getaway or vacation.

To the slow pace of nature that commands life. It is up to – you to choose whether you want to spend time in the shade of the Chaparro, talking on the doorstep of the whitewashed house, traveling in time, snacking on delicacies, or wandering around the golden fields or sands. Even for those looking for more energetic and active distractions, even with a hint of adrenaline, in Alentejo, there is no lack of proposals to see the desire granted. There are even waterfalls!

To help you plan your visit to the most beautiful villages in Alentejo, we will give you – some suggestions of what to see and do in each of them, tips on restaurants where to eat and accommodation to stay asleep.


One of the most beautiful villages in Alentejo.

If there were doubts that Monsaraz was special, they dissipated – in 2017 when Monsaraz won his place in the 7 Wonders of Portugal – Villages, by winning in the Village Monument category. No wonder.

Monsaraz is surprised at every moment that is kissed by the intense sun of this Alentejo on the banks of the great Lake of Alqueva .

A castle on the top of the mountain, shale walls girding white houses like lime, sublime views over a giant blue lake, bordered by green and gold. Inspire the culture, art, and heritage of what is probably the most beautiful pearl in the villages of Alentejo.

Not to be missed on a visit to Monsaraz

Monsaraz Castle | Keep of Menage | Alcáçova | Porta da Vila | Torre do Relógio | Monument of Tribute to the Sing ( Património Cultural Imaterial UNESCO ) Nuno Álvares Pereira | Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Lagoa | Igreja da Misericórdia | Pelourinho de Monsaraz | Fresco Museum in the Old Town Hall | Praia Fluvial de Monsaraz

Where to eat in Monsaraz

Flavors of Monsaraz | Sem – Fim Restaurante | Taverna Os Templários

Where to sleep in Monsaraz

Dom Nuno Turismo de Habitação | Horta da Coutada | Vila Plain | Estalagem de Monsaraz 195


At kilometer 488 of National Road 2, which crosses the village in the middle, is one of the most beautiful villages in Alentejo. Many know – its name, but ignore the value. Brotas is one of the most authentic ( and unknown ) villages in Alentejo that you have to visit in the municipality of Mora. With wandering, the one that characterizes these villages in the Alentejo, and not “just in passing”.

Peaceful and asleep, it is a land of legends, secular traditions, worship, and miracles. The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Brotas, the holy protector of animals, has been a place of pilgrimage for over 500 years and the existence of the village is inseparable from this Marian cult.

Not to be missed on a visit to Brotas

Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Brotas | Baroque of Nossa Senhora de Brotas ( Rua da Igreja ) | Casas das Confrarias ( 17th century ) Fonte do Largo da Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Sprouts | 1699 Sprout Sucker | Brotas Viewpoint | Eagles Sidewalk ( Rua Joaquim Pereira Cachola ) | Brotas Pottery | Torre das Águias | Ermida de S. Sebastião

Where to eat in Brotas

O Poço Restaurant

Where to sleep in Brotas

Casas De Romaria | Hotel Solar dos Lilases ( Mora )

Amieira do Tejo

Amieira do Tejo is one of the most beautiful villages in Alto Alentejo that you have to visit. Located on the top of a hill next to the Tagus, the village appears in a landscape of rare beauty.

Amieira do Tejo still has secrets to reveal, puzzles to be deciphered, and stories to delight. The charm of Amieira do Tejo begins in its castle, whose history is closely related to Prior do Crato and the Order of Malta. In the universe of legends, here live the Jans, the fairies that weave the finest linen in exchange for a cake, and pious Moors and Moors.

He defends the belief of having received the eternal protection of Queen Santa Isabel who crossed the Tagus here, in a boat, on her final trip between Estremoz and Coimbra. And now that Nisa’s new walkways have debuted at Barca d’Amieira trail, sum – if one more reason to visit the most enigmatic of the villages of the Alentejo.

Not to be missed on a visit to Amieira do Tejo

Amieira do Tejo Castle | São João Batista Chapel | Calvary Chapel | Capela da Misericórdia | Amieira do Tejo Museum Center | Barca d’Amieira | – Nisa walkways | Foz do Ocreza | Fratel dam | Ribeira de Figueiró

Where to eat in Amieira do Tejo

In Alpalhão: Restaurante Regata | Restaurante Chaparro

Where to sleep in Amieira do Tejo

Quinta dos Ribeiro | Medieval House in

Porto Covo

The proposal that follows from the most beautiful villages in Alentejo is a refuge from the odor and taste of the sea. Heading to the fishing village of Porto Covo one of the essential stops at Costa Vicentina.

Porto Covo is a beach village, with snacks, tours, and peace. Much peace! Whether you stroll along Largo Marquês de Pombal, on Vasco da Gama street like a rug extended to the sea, on the edge of the cliff of viewpoints facing the sea, or on the idyllic cobbled beaches. All Portuguese imagine it. Rui Veloso gave – his voice, Carlos Tê the soul in words, and the peaceful Alentejo village of Porto Covo became the mouth of Portugal.

Enjoy inspiring walks through the scenic cliffs, where Porto Covo Bay is hidden, with its small fishing port full of colorful boats. The views are simply magnificent! Dare – if you take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Alentejo Coast. Then, quench the hunger for freshly sour fish and seafood from the sea. It is salivary.

Not to be missed on a visit to Porto Covo

Largo Marquês de Pombal | Church of Nossa Senhora da Soledade | Porto Covo viewpoint | Praia Grande | Praia Pequena | Praia dos Buzinhos | Praia do Espingardeiro | | Fort of Nossa Senhora da Queimada

Where to eat in Porto Covo

Cervejaria Marisqueira | Restaurante Zé Inácio | Praia Grande Bar and Restaurant | Alma Nómada Food Experience

Where to sleep in Porto Covo

Calmaria Guesthouse | Pé na Areia | O Lugar | Ahoy Porto Covo Hostel 194

Évora Monte

Évora Monte ( or Evoramonte ) is one of those villages in Portugal that we postpone the visit and commit a great injustice.

With Évora shares the name and belonging. In addition to the imposing walls and a particularly beautiful and surprising castle, this village in Alentejo has precious details of well-being, tranquility, and peace that are rare in life.

Here – if you live with that paused rhythm. The right pace of life. Here the true essence of Alentejo still lives and traditions that are wisely maintained are not lost over time. Évora Monte keeps some delicious little secrets.

Only for the very attentive. For those who see with the children’s curiosity. Surprise your face – half at the end of the day: the sunset is something taken from a novel.

Not to be missed on a visit to Évora Monte

Évora Monte Castle | Walls | Tower – Ducal Palace | Évora Monte pillory | Viewpoint | Cistern | Community Fountain | Church of Santa Maria | Ermidas de Santa Margarida and São Sebastião | Ogival doors | Calçada de Évora Monte

Where to eat in Évora Monte

Café Restaurante O Emigrante

Where to sleep in Évora Monte

The Place at Evoramonte | Olive Tree Cottage – Quinta de Evoramonte | Casas de Santa Rita


Because the Alentejo is not just plain, the mountain village of Alegrete, inserted in full Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, had to be one of those selected in this list of the most beautiful villages in the Alentejo.

Framed in a lush landscape of green valleys furrowed by the tributaries of Ribeira de Arronches, where the most beautiful Alentejo waterfalls are hidden, Alegrete is also the owner and lady of rich and ancient history. The main place of interest in this castiça village of Alentejo is its towering castle, which was once one of the most important fortifications in the Raiana area of Alto Alentejo.

Other charms are hidden in the quiet cobbled streets of Alegrete, with typical target houses and yellow bands – the color of joy. If you like hiking, do not miss the PTG PR3 Alegrete ( 11km ), whose route follows Ribeira de Arronches and allows you to see a pair of beautiful waterfalls.

Not to be missed on a visit to Alegrete

Alegrete Castle | Walls | Medieval Burgo | Igreja Matriz de Alegrete | São Pedro Chapel | Misericórdia Chapel | Torre do Relógio | Coreto da Rua Sources of Alegrete | Cascade of Pego do Inferno

Where to eat in Alegrete

Snack – bar O Lagar | Taskinha da Fonte | Restaurante Caeiro ( Horse Valley ) | Restaurante O Álvaro ( Urra ) 1

Where to sleep in Alegrete

Casa d’Alegrete | Casa da Boavista

Flor da Rosa (Crato)

Small in size, and large in architectural heritage, customs, and knowledge, Flor da Rosa is one of the villages in Alentejo that you have to visit.

Closely linked to Prior do Crato, father of the Constable Saint D. Nuno Álvares Pereira has an authentic heritage treasure in the imposing Monastery of Santa Maria de Flor da Rosa, which once belonged to the Order of Malta.

Wander the streets of Flor da Rosa, between the houses of popular architecture, manor houses in Baroque style, and the Igreja Matriz conveys a sense of rural nobility that is not expected in such a modest village. And romantic. Its name derives from a love story between a knight and a maiden, to make the cobblestones cry. Famous for the ancestral art of white clay pottery, the Barros de Flor da Rosa is one of the traditions that would have been lost had it not been for the Casa Museu da Olaria to safeguard knowledge.

Not to be missed on a visit to Flor da Rosa

Monastery of Santa Maria de Flor da Rosa | Chapel of Flor da Rosa | Igreja Matriz | Casa Museu da Olaria | Palacete Flor da Rosa | Statue of D. Nuno Álvares Pereira | Coreto | Fontes de Flor da Rosa | Vila do Crato

Where to eat in Flor da Rosa

Restaurant at Pousada Mosteiro Crato

Where to sleep in Flor da Rosa

Patent Monastery | Flor da Rosa

Santa Susana

The village of Santa Susana, in the municipality of Alcácer do Sal, is well known to vacationers looking for the freshness of the waters of Pego do Altar.

Of the villages of Alentejo, it is the most curious for the history behind its origin. The houses, “sponsored” by cousin Henrique Louro Fernandes ( monogram on doors ), are all the same: ground floor, whitewashed in immaculate white, blue bars, and large chimneys in good Alentejo style. The tiny Baroque church stands out at the top of the garden square where you can still sunbathe and exchange two fingers of conversation with the locals.

Not to be missed on a visit to Santa Susana

Igreja Matriz de Santa Susana | Submerged Baroque bridge | Cruzeiro | Community theater | Altar Pego Dam

Where to eat in Santa Susana

Coelho Coffee

Where to sleep in Santa Susana

single house | concept house | Hotel da Barrosinha


There is a regional saying that says the following: “one should not be in Mora for an hour, in Cabecção or an evening and Pavia, not a day.”

Does this mean that Pavia is the best of the three? We went to find out. Inconclusive result because we liked them all. But Pavia is one of the most beautiful villages in the Alentejo, we do not hesitate to say – lo.

Inhabited by the peace and serenity of that Alentejo of our imagination: immaculate and elementary. As soon as one can guess the sobriety of the whitewashed houses, the old and interesting story behind this simple village that, speculates – if, went to get the name Italy. Ancestral origins are proven by the Tapir of Pavia, transformed into a Chapel, and by the Cromeleque das Fontainhas.

Not to be missed on a visit to Pavia

Anta – Chapel of São Dinis | Town Hall | Igreja Matriz de São Paulo | Igreja da Misericórdia de Pavia | Ermida de São Sebastião | Pavia viewpoint | Torre do Relógio | Casa Museu Manuel Ribeiro de Pavia | Medieval bridge | Cromeleque das Fontainhas

Where to eat in Pavia

Oven Restaurant | Driver’s Retreat | Molh’ó Pão Restaurant

Where to sleep in Pavia

Hotel Solar dos Lilases ( Mora )

Zambujeira do Mar

Wonderful wild beaches, enchanted coves, red-painted dunes, rugged cliffs, artisanal fishing ports, a majestic cape and one of the most emblematic fishing villages in the Alentejo, the fishing village of Zambujeira do Mar is still synonymous with Festival Sudoeste.

It is for those who like to have time for laziness, a stomach for good seafood, and skin to date the sun. Small, peaceful, and quaint, the village of Zambujeira do Mar is one of the most popular summer destinations in the picturesque villages of Alentejo. The menu of a getaway or vacation in one of the most beautiful villages in Alentejo, integrated into the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, could not be more complete.

Not to be missed on a visit to Zambujeira do Mar

Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Mar | Fonte dos Amores or Santa Catarina | Porto das Barcas | Cabo Sardão | Cabo Sardão Lighthouse | Praia da Zambujeira do Mar | Praia dos Alteirinhos | Praia de Nossa Senhora | Praia do Tonel | Rota Vicentina | Ilhéu do Lajão

Where to eat in Zambujeira do Mar

O Sacas | A Barca Traquitanas | Golden Sun | Marisqueira Costa Alentejana | Point and Comma | Pizaria Piccolino

Where to sleep in Zambujeira do Mar

Monte Soalheiro | Herdade do Touril | Hostel Nature


The biggest star of the beautiful Mourão is its towering castle with imposing walls, with a bastioned fortress plant in the star, where you can stroll at will and toast it with superb views over the big Lago do Alqueva.

The Raiano municipality on the left bank of the Guadiana River has Nossa Senhora das Candeias as its patron saint.

Perhaps, for this reason, the sun shines in another way and the light is special in Mourão – including the Aldeia da Luz, which was “relocated” because of the rising waters of Albufeira do Alqueva, which belongs to the municipality. And the icing on the cake for a visit to Mourão is to watch the sunset – from – the sun from its fantastic river beach located on a small island, which takes place captive on our list of the best river beaches in Alentejo. It is for us the most beautiful evening in Lago do Alqueva.

Mourão is a serious candidate for the most romantic villages in Alentejo!

Not to be missed on a visit to Mourão

Castelo de Mourão | Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora das Candeias | Jardim da Praça da República | Praia Fluvial de Mourão | Aldeia da Luz | Museu da Luz 1

Where to eat in Mourão

A Chaminé Restaurant

Where to sleep in Mourão

Monte Falperras | Herdade dos Delgados Darksky View Hotel & SPA | Monte da Estrela – Country House

Marvão e Portagem

The suggestion that follows in this list of villages in the Alentejo that you have to visit is a 2 in 1: Marvão e Portage. The majestic walled village of Marvão exerts a such fascination that it is never forgotten by those who visit ( and almost needs no introduction. )

Historic, haughty and beautiful, Marvão is one of the most brilliant jewels among the villages of Alentejo. Right in the heart of the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, the Marvão Castle crowns the impregnable rock crest on the summit of Serra do Sapporo. There are more than 800 years of history and many other charms.

Less illustrious, but inseparable, toll deserves an honorable mention. Go down to the River Sever, delight – yourself in the refreshing waters of Praia Fluvial da Portage, and cross the Roman bridge of Portagem, one of the ex – libris of the municipality of Marvão and the Torre de Portagem, secular border guardian and iconic customs of these lands south of the Tagus.

If it is a good fork, Toll is one of the villages in the Alentejo that you cannot miss: eat – if there so well!

Not to be missed on a visit to Marvão e Portagem

Marvão Castle | Walls and Keep of Menage | Pelourinho de Marvão | Portas da Vila | Postigo do Torrejão | Porta de Ródão | Arcos Gothic | ( former Town Hall ) | Clock Tower | Church of Santa Maria | Municipal Museum of Marvão | Cistern | Church of São Tiago | Church of Espírito Santo | Convent of Nossa Senhora da Estrela | Roman Toll Bridge | Toll Tower | Toll River Beach

Where to eat in Monsaraz and Toll

Mil Restaurant – Men | Sever Restaurant | O Castelo – Café Lounge | Natural Bar Food and Culture | J.J.Vine

Where to sleep in Monsaraz

Marvão Inn | Dom Dinis Marvão | El – Rei Dom Manuel Hotel


Belver wears its walls of white and golden yellow in the middle of a dense green. Brinda – us with a towering castle, a secular silent guardian of these places in Alto Alentejo, and beautiful landscapes on the banks of the Tagus River . There is also a river beach, water activities, the fantastic Passadiço do Alamal for the whole family to walk, and a viewpoint with views of the village and the river, apart from the small details that give it charm and authenticity. Know that Belver is famous for its traditional blankets, along with linens and rugs. All in all, Belver is perfect for a getaway in nature through the villages of Alentejo.

Not to be missed on a visit to Belver

Belver Castle | Mother Church | São Brás Chapel | Belver Mantas Museum and Tapestries Nucleus | Soap Museum | Railway Station | Caminho da Fonte Velha | Bridge over the Tagus River | Alamal River Beach | Alamal Walkways | Belver Dam | Outeirinho Viewpoint | Nossa Senhora do Pilar Chapel

Where to eat in Belver

The Belver Restaurant | The Castle

Where to sleep in Belver?

Quinta do Belo – Ver | Alamal River Club

Santa Clara-a-Velha

The castor Village of Santa Clara – a – Velha was one of the finalists for 7 Wonders of Portugal – Aldeias Ribeirinhas.

Despite having lost the title to Dornes, it has all the condiments to be one of the most beautiful villages in Alentejo. From Costa Vicentina it already is. The target of houses of typical Alentejo architecture, the narrow streets that honor the Portuguese colonies, the brightly colored flowering pots, and a garden/riverside park to make the city of Portugal jealous!

A visit to rural Santa Clara a Velha fills days of bathing and fun for the whole family, both on the river beach of the village and the river beach of the Santa Clara Dam, surrounded by a sublime natural landscape. Ah! Do not miss the ruins of the historic Dona Maria Bridge over the Mira River that crosses this fertile valley.

Not to be missed on a visit to Santa Clara a Velha

Church of Santa Clara de Assis | Fonte do Azinhal | Lunch Park | Ponte de Santa Maria | Albufeira da Barragem de Santa Clara

Where to eat in Santa Clara a Velha

Restaurante Flor do Campo

Where to sleep in Santa Clara a Velha

Santa Clara Country Hotel | Herdade Do Azinhal

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