What’s up Tolt?

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Hey BlogTolters!

Here is a sum up of the past months!

For the end of 2017, I’ve decided to post a new video every friday (around 1pm Paris time) on my Youtube channel, to offer you a few minutes of escape for the weekend. Remember to like, comment and share. Not only it will help me make better content, but also engagement is essential for the Youtube algorithm to push my videos 😉

My latest videos:
Just in case you haven’t seen my Don’t go to Georgia video

Already more than 150,000 views in one week! A big thank you to those who have already liked, commented and shared…

For those who got curious about Georgia, I’ve made several cinematic VLOGS in which I mixed funny moments, practical information and cinematic footage. Don’t forget to tell me what you think about this new video format, it’s really important for me!
Here is the first episode.

Tips/tutorial videos :
I’ve also started posting videos for aspiring filmmakers in which I share tips and experiences. I hope it’ll be useful for some of you guys. Feel free to tell me if there is any theme you’d like me to talk about in video comments 😉
[The second video is in French but you can activate English subs]

Have a great month and remember to follow me on my social media 😉