What’s up Tolt?

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Hey BlogTolters!

Here is a sum up of the past weeks!

My latest trips:


As you probably know, I spent the first two weeks of March in Algeria. That was a really great experience! For the following reasons:

I. The landscapes are amazing

II. There are many gorgeous monuments and some very interesting archeological places

Tipaza Algeria sea view

III. And most of all, people over there are very warm and welcoming

Costa Rica

A few days after I came back from Algeria, I went for a press trip to Costa Rica. For this project, I was commissionned by Grands Reportages, a French travel magazine. For this reason, I cannot share too much content yet but I can already tell you that this country offers an extraordinary biodiversity. It’s probably one of the best destinations for wildlife lovers.


A few hours after I got back from Costa Rica, I took another trip to Singapore. Quite intense but I was still very excited to finally get to set foot in South East Asia. This country turned out to be quite different from what I expected. Of course, it is mostly concrete and buildings. But the government has managed to make it a “garden city” and is still working on making it greener.

Guess my next destination!


Where am I headed next month? Send me your guess by email or on any of my social media and I’ll send you a personalized postcard if it’s good 😉

Have a great month and remember to follow me on my social media 😉