Top 5 reasons to go to southern Norway


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Hey BlogTolters!

I travelled to southern Norway last summer, and as usual, I’d like to give you some reasons why you should go there!

1) You can legally camp and hike everywhere

In Norway, there’s a law called “allemannsrett”that authorize you to wander, hike or camp in any non-cultivated land has long has you leave the place as you found it. It means that you can enjoy Norway’s awesome places without minding about being kicked out of the place you’re exploring by the police or the locals.

2) The stunning landscapes

Once again, the nature can be truly breathtaking there. You can enjoy the Fjords or the hundreds of thousands of lakes around the country. But maybe you prefer the gorgeous mountains?

3) It’s a perfect country for a road trip

The traffic is low and the roads are clean and safe, you can easily rent a car and discover the country !

4) The scandinavian architecture (ancient and modern)

You’ll find nice wooden architectures but also typical scandinavian buildings, churchs and houses. Modern scandinavian architecture is also worth a sight, especially Oslo Opera House.

5) It is safe

The crime rate is very low in Norway, and the people will always be friendly and helpful if you have something to ask them !