Best tools for mobile filmmaking


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Hey BlogTolters!

Many of you are probably wondering if it’s possible to create nice films with a smartphone? Well, you know me, I like to think that you don’t need the fanciest gear to make good videos, what matters is the story you tell, and how you tell it!
So here are a few tools and accessories that I used to make my film Memories from Vancouver & Whistler, shot only with a mobile phone (except obviously for the last scene where we actually see the phone). But again, don’t get trapped by your gear, don’t wait until you get a specific tool to start making videos. Gear and accessories are only a way to get more creative in the filming process.

Note that all the links below are affiliate links, so I get a commission everytime you order through these links, which is a good way to support me if you found this post helpful 🙂 And I only recommend products that I use and enjoy

1) DJI Osmo mobile – from $299

osmo mobile stabilizer gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile is probably the best 3-axis gimbal system on the market. Perfect tool for smoothing out your camera movements and getting long cinematic shots. It also offers some nice features like Timelapse, panorama and ActiveTrack. A brilliant piece of technology!

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2) Phone camera lenses – from $9.99

phone-camera-lenses-aukey  Macro picture Fairphone

Lenses for cell phones are really useful tools. Wether you need a wider angle or some macro shots, the result is usually great and it will only cost you a few bucks. Besides, you can carry it very easily in your pocket. Here are two good options for you:

Aukey Ora 2-in-1 Lens set $24.99

Aukey 3-in-1 Lens set $9.99 (Save $7)

3) Selfie stick – $15.99

I actually bought one, not to shoot auto-portraits but to create some camera movements like this one.

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4) Waterproof phone pouch – $9.99 (save $39)

Didn’t have the opportunity to try mine yet but for me, it is an essential accessory. It would be such a pity not to be able to shoot because you want to keep your phone safe.

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5) External battery charger – $32.99

External battery charger bank for outdoors shockproof waterproof

I am not going to teach you anything by telling you that battery can be a real issue when filming with your smartphone, especially when the bluetooth is on for using the OSMO Mobile. This is why an external battery bank is essential. I can only recommend this great dual USB solar battery charger for Outdoors (Rainproof, Dust-proof & Shockproof).

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6) Gorilla pod/mini tripod

Gorilla pod Smartphone

A gorilla pod can be very useful to create steady static shots in pretty much any situation.  You can either put it on a flat surface (table or ground) or attach it to a tree for instance. Last, you can also use it a rig to get more stable handheld shots.

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7) Dolly – $39.99 (save $15)

Dolly smartphone cell phone

Lastly, a dolly is a great accessory for camera movements. This little tool can roll on a flat surface (table, ground…) and be set to create rectilinear, curved or circular movements. It’s really great for a close up on an object or to make your wide shots more dynamic.

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